team and our associate companies strive to design and manufacture every luxury product  carefully so that  you can enjoy the luxury  at affordable prices. In addition, it is our endeavor to provide you Samples of fabrics so you can touch and feel them and can match to the ambience at your home. However,  we completely understand  the possibility of not liking the fabric or change your mind about wanting it. In such cases, you will certainly be able to cancel the product prior to “Confirmation” of your order. Once you had the opportunity to touch and feel the fabric and paid 25% money  and “Confirm”  the order, our associate firm will start manufacturing it and  the order can’t be cancelled. 

Can I cancel the order once I paid INR 1000 for booking and order is in “Booking” status?

  1. Yes. Once you book any luxury item @INR1000, your order will be generated and will remain pending for further “Confirmation”.
  2. We will ship selected sample fabric swatches & wood samples (whichever applicable) to your booking address.
  3. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal. You can feel, touch, and select one of the elegant fabric swatches which suits your ambience at your home. 
  4. Once you are satisfied and selected  any one sample of fabric, pay 25% of your order value to “Confirm” your order.
  5. However, for some reasons, if you wish not to confirm the order but cancel the order, please call us  on 7666-100-666 (Monday to Saturday 10 am to 8 pm) or email us and we will assist you to cancel the order. Once cancellation process is completed, we will refund your payment of INR 1000 within 7 working days. Refund will be processed based on the mode of payment.  Laorigin or  the approved payment gateway will credit  your refunds directly into your debit/credit card or online account.

Can I cancel the Order after I confirmed the order and order is in “confirmed” status?

No. Since our associate companies manufacture luxury products only against orders, so we will be unable to cancel the order once you have “Confirmed”  the order.

Can I request to change the fabric when my order is in “Booking” status?

We will ship selected sample fabric swatches to your booking address. You can feel, touch, and select any one of the elegant fabric swatches sent to you. Please follow the email instructions for more details on fabric change.

Can I request to change the fabric when my order is in “Confirmed” status?

No. Once order is “Confirmed ” and our  associate firm starts manufacturing,  it would not be possible to change the fabric.

Can I return the product once it is delivered?

No. Since our products are made to order, based on customer’s choices, we will not accept returns or cancellations. We advise you to check the dimensions of your entrance/space and compare the ambience of room with swatches, so that there are less chances of dissatisfaction and cancellation when you receive the product.

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